The 2015 Berlin March for Life

Flyer 2014 (PDF) in English

On September 19, 2015, many people from all over Germany and other European countries will gather for the annual Berlin march for life („Marsch für das Leben“), a pro-life event to remember the aborted children and the unnumerous women, men, and families who suffer from an abortion.

The march starts on 13:00 in front of Bundeskanzleramt (Willy-Brandt-Straße, 10557 Berlin), the seat of the German chancellor, next to Reichstag (seat of the German parliament) and Hauptbahnhof (Berlin main station). It will end around 17:00 after an ecumenical church service.

For directions and travelling information, please see the page Teilnehmer-Infos.

With the Berlin march for life, we call the German socitey and politics to take action to really prevent and avoid abortion and to better help unplanned pregnant parents in need. We are also deeply concerned about the silent increase of acceptance of euthanasia in Europe, as it is already being practiced again in some countries.

The march for life is organized by Bundesverband Lebensrecht, an alliance of currently 13 organizations and initiatives with focus on different pro-life areas. The march is supported by several members of the German parliament and many people from different organizations and churches.

International guests and representatives of pro-life initiatives are welcome to contact us in advance. If you intend to bring your own banners or other material, please check with us first.

Save the date: The Berlin March for Life usually takes place on the second last Saturday in September.

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Looking forward to welcome you in Berlin!

Flyer 2014 (PDF) in English

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